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Best Number Combinations To Play

In Your Favorite Lottery Games

Download one of our Best Number Guides and gain instant access to the best numbers and number patterns for your favorite lottery game.

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Best Number Combinations

Don't guess, play the best!  Choosing the best numbers and patterns to play in your lottery game has never been easier.

Our Best Numbers & Patterns Guides are based entirely on the results from an analysis of past winning numbers for your lottery game. These are the numbers and patterns that appear most frequently in winning number combinations.

Selecting the best number combinations to play in your lottery game is quick and easy using the printable reference sheets. You can also use them to quickly check the quality of number combinations generated elsewhere, such as favorite numbers and quick picks.

Depending on the lottery game, there may be tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, even millions number combinations to avoid playing because they contain low-probability numbers or patterns that have rarely or never appeared in winning number combinations.

Have you been playing the best numbers and patterns in your number combinations?

If you are ready to take control of the numbers you play, check to see if we offer a Best Numbers guide for your lottery game in the product list below.

Best Numbers and Patterns Guides are intended to be used as key part of your long term winning strategy, not for overnight success.


Why settle for Quick Picks?

Play the Best!

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Available Best Numbers

TypeLottery Game*ProductPriceDownload
  • FL Fantasy 5
Best Numbers $5.99 Add to Cart
  • AR Natural State
  • CA Fantasy 5
  • GA Fantasy 5
  • ME Gimme 5
  • MD Bonus Match
  • MI Fantasy 5
  • MO Show Me Cash
  • NY Take 5
  • NC Cash 5
  • OH Rolling Cash 5
  • WA Hit 5
  • UK Thunderball

+ more

Best Numbers $5.99 Add to Cart
  • WI Supercash
Best Numbers $5.99 Add to Cart
  • MA Megabucks
  • NJ Pick 6 Lotto
  • OH Classic Lotto
  • PA Match 6
  • WA Lotto
  • WI Megabucks
  • CA Lotto 649
  • CA Atlantic 49
  • CA BC/49
  • CA Ontario 49
  • CA Quebec 49
  • CA Western 649
  • CA Western Max

+ more

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