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Powerball vs Mega Millions

Powerball and Mega Millions were almost identical in prize structure and odds until the overhaul to the Mega Millions lottery game. Although the changes to Mega Millions were designed to create massive jackpots, Powerball still seems to generate the largest jackpots.

Although we slightly favored Mega Millions before the game overhaul, we now favor Powerball as if offers both a better chance at winning the jackpot and of winning a significant lesser prize, especially the million dollar second prize. If you only have a few bucks to spend, Powerball is the clear choice.

The two primary reasons we chose Powerball over Mega Millions are:

  1. Powerball's larger minimum jackpot
  2. Powerball's odds of winning the 2nd prize of one million (w/$2 bet)
The rest of the cash prizes/odds are the same or similar.

Game Features* Mega Millions Powerball
Minimum Bet: $1 $2 
Jackpot Odds: 258,890,850  175,223,511
Minimum Jackpot: 15 Million  40 Million
Match 5 of 5: 18,492,204  5,006,387
Match 4 of 5 + Bonus: 739,688 ($5K)  648,946 ($10K)
Match 4 of 5: 52,835 ($500)  18,543 ($100)
Match 3 of 5 + Bonus: 10,720 ($50)  12,245 ($100)
TOTAL  1  6

* The odds shown are presumed accurate but not guaranteed. To view the offical odds for the lottery games listed, please visit official lottery web sites for the two games.

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