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Please search the FAQ below for solutions before submitting your question.

If you have a question about an existing order or any other support related question please contact us using the email address displayed below. We will respond as soon as possible but please allow 24 hours.

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FAQ / Troubleshooting

Common Questions

Order Problems

Our customers are important to us. We reply to all legitimate support emails we receive. Therefore, if you do not receive a response from us within 24 hours either we did not receive your email or our response ended up in your spam box. Please try to contact us again using the email address shown at the top of this page.


I Can't Download The Lottery Product I Purchased

After purchasing a lottery product from us you will have 5 or 6 attempts to download the product in 48 hours. If the download fails to initiate cancel the download then restart the download by reclicking the download link.

If the product still fails to download wait a few minutes then try the steps above again. If you continue to have problems and/or use all of your download attempts, contact us using one of the email addresses shown at the top of this page and we will work with you to help you receive the product purchased.

We try to respond to most support requests within 1 to 2 hours during normal working hours (CST). However, if you have not received a response from us within 12 hours please resubmit your support request.

Issues with Smartphones, Tablets And Other Mobile Devices

Many smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices cannot download data file(s) from the internet. Therefore, if you using a mobile device to download the product and are experiencing problems, it is most likely your mobile device that is causing the problem. The only solution is to use a standard laptop or desktop computer without file download limitations to download the product file.


I Can't Open The File I Received.

The lottery number data files you purchased are located inside the .zip archive file that was emailed to you or downloaded from our web site.

To access the lottery number data files you will need to "unzip" them from the .zip file. The procedure to do this on a Windows XP and newer computer is as follows:

  1. Save the emailed/downloaded .zip file to an easy to find location on your hard drive.
  2. Find the saved .zip file on your hard drive using Windows Explorer.
  3. Right click the file and select "Open With / Compressed (zipped) Folders".
  4. The lottery numbers data files should now be available to you and viewable in any word processor

Apple has built-in zip support in Mac OS X 10.3 and later.

If you understand how .zip files work and believe the .zip file or the data files within are corrupt let us know as soon as possible. Please provide a description of the problem you are experiencing unzipping the .zip file or viewing the data .txt files. If we determine the file(s) have been corrupted we will send you a new version of the .zip file to you as long as it is being sent to the same email address as the original order.


Why aren't bonus numbers included in all possible?

In lottery games that include a bonus number, (such as Powerball and Mega Millions) the bonus number is selected in a second drawing completely separate from the first. See the example below.

Drawing One: 1-5-47-53-55    Drawing Two (Bonus Number): 33

Although the results of the two drawings are often displayed as one number combination, they are not (as you can see in the example above). It is not accurate to think of the results of the two drawings as one number combination.

To accurately recreate a drawing for a lottery game with a bonus number, select a number combination from our All Possible Number Combination list for your lottery game, then randomly select a single number as a bonus number using any method you prefer.


Why 50,000 To 1M Number Combinations Per-File?

We limit the amount of number combinations per file to 1 million or less. Doing so allows the file(s) to open quicker in your favorite word processor and also allows opening the file(s) in Microsoft Excel which has a 1 million data row limit.

We USED to limit data files to 50,000 data rows per file as many of our customers used older versions of Excel which had a 50,000 data row limit. As most of our customers have upgraded to newer versions of Excel that allow 1 million rows of data we no longer limit the data files to 50,000 number combinations. Each data file may now contain 50K to 1 million rows of data per file.


Can You Send The Number Combination Files In Excel File Format?

No, but all of the text files containing the number combinations that you downloaded can be opened directly in Excel. A second option (if you prefer) is to copy and paste number combinations from the text files into Excel.

Excel doesn't automatically recognize text files. Therefore, when browsing to open one of the text files containing the number combinations in Excel make sure the "View All Files" option is selected.


How Do I Get Each Number In It's Own Cell In Excel?

If you copy number combinations from one of the text files into Excel it is likely that all of the numbers will appear in the same column. If you would like to place each number in it's own cell you can do so with the "Text to Columns" function found under the Data tab.

To use Text-to-Columns select (highlight) the column of numbers, click Text-to-Columns (under the Data tab), choose "Delimited", Next button, then check "Space" and finally click the Finish button.

All of the numbers should now be in their own cell.

If you need additional help, there are many detailed tutorials on how to use Text-to-Columns and other Excel features available online.


Troubleshooting the Lotto-Tools Program

If the program selects some number combinations then stops or produces an error message:

  • Check to be sure you or another person did not add text characters to any of the Best Bets or All Possible file(s). Check to make sure you or another person did not add a separate file containing text characters in a Best Bets or All Possible folder. The program cannot read text characters, only numbers!
  • Reduce the amount of number combinations to randomly select. The program has been known to have a hard time selecting large amounts of number combinations.

If the program freezes or fails to select any number combinations:

  • The program may not like the folder name. Close the Lotto-Tools program, rename the folder, restart the Lotto-Tools program and try again.


Cancellations and Refunds Policy

An order can be canceled at various steps of the order process. However, once the order has been submitted and your credit card charged, the order cannot be canceled and we will not provide a refund.

This policy is not unique to our web site, it is a standard policy for online businesses that provide downloadable data without a software key for authorized access. To be fair to all of our customers we strictly enforce this policy.

The rare exception are duplicate orders. If you accidently order the same product more than one time you may request that one of the two duplicate items are refunded. Duplicate order refund requests may be subject to a $1 per-incident fee (to cover our costs and time) as well as the potential loss of any volume discounts received.