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Idaho Lottery Game Information

Games Odds All Possible* Best Bets Game Analysis Number History
Pick 3: 3/0-9 - Daily 1:1000 Download - - -
Wild Card: Bonus Card Wed, Sat 1:1,898,688 Download - - - 5
Weekly Grand: 5/1-32 - Wed, Sat 201,376 Download - - -
Hot Lotto: 5/1-39 Bonus 1-19 Wed, Sat 1:10,939,383 Download - - -
Mega Millions: 5/1-75 Bonus 1-15 Tue, Fri 1:258,890,850 Download Download Info View
Powerball: 5/1-59 Bonus 1-35 Wed, Sat 1:175,223,511 Download Download Info View

* Bonus numbers are selected in a separate drawing after the main drawing therefore they are not included in all possible number combinations.

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