Arizona Lottery Games

Below is a list of Arizona lottery games and available products. If you see a game listed that needs updating or removal please let us know!

Games Odds All Possible Number Combinations Best Numbers to Play (Best Bets)
2 By 2: 2/1-26 Mon-Sat 1:105,625 Get Quick Picks
Pick 3: 3/0-9 Daily 1:1000 Download FREE
Cash 4: 4/0-9 Daily 1:10,000 Download FREE
Fantasy 5: 5/1-41 Mon-Sat 1:1,832,600 Add to Cart
Powerball: 5/1-69 Bonus 1-26 Wed, Sat 1:292,201,338 Add to Cart
Mega Millions: 5/1-70 Bonus 1-25 Tue, Fri 1:302,575,350 Add to Cart
The Pick: 6/1-44 Wed, Sat 1:7,059,052 Add to Cart
All Or Nothing: 10/1-20 Wed, Sat 1:184,756 Add to Cart

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BONUS NUMBERS - in most lottery games bonus numbers are selected in a second drawing and do not change the total number of possible combinations. Therefore, we do not include them in our lists.