Number Frequency Analysis

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Number Frequency Analysis Service:

Have you ever wondered if certain numbers win more frequently than others?  Yes, they do.  Discover the best numbers to play and those to avoid with Number Frequency Analysis.

The results from our number frequency analysis show the percentage and/or the amount of times each number appeared in past winning number combinations from your lottery game. The analysis results are displayed in both table and chart formats.

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To perform the analysis we will need you to provide us with a list of past winning number combinations from your lottery game to analyze. We will run the analysis then email you the results in a .pdf file, usually within 24 hours or less.

Lists of past winning number combinations from a lottery game can often be found on the official lottery website for your game.

Before you purchase Number Frequency Analysis please make sure that you have access to past winning number combinations from your lottery game!

Gather a list of at least 250 but preferably more past winning number combinations from your lottery game. If your lottery game is new and 250 drawings have not yet taken place we can perform the analysis with less combinations but the results of the analysis may be much less decisive.

The list of number combinations you send us should contain one number combination per line. The combinations do not have to be in ascending order.

We need to know the game parameters, such as how many numbers are selected (3, 4, 5, 6) and from what range of numbers (1-39 etc.). Also, let us know if a bonus number is used in your game and from what range of numbers (1-10 etc.).

The bonus number (if any) should appear as the last number in every number combination you send us. For example:

1 4 17 23 39 Bonus Number 5
or just
1 4 17 23 39 5


We cannot provide analysis services for the following:

  • Lottery games greater than 2/1-80, 3/1-80, 4/1-80, 5/1-80 or 6/1-80.
  • Lottery games with 7 or more numbers.
  • Pick 3|4|5 [0-9] style lottery games.

Number combinations you send us may contain up to 6 numbers and a bonus number.

Bonus numbers are analyzed separately. At this time we cannot analyze more than one bonus number, supplemental bonus number(s) or non-numerical bonus symbols.

If you have any questions or concerns contact us with your questions prior to purchasing the service.

Number Frequency Analysis Fee:    $15


1.) Number Frequency Analysis is a SERVICE provided to you by The term "SERVICE" refers to the amount of time required for us to prepare the data and run the analysis. You agree that once the Number Frequency Analysis has been completed the SERVICE as defined in this section cannot be cancelled, returned, refunded or disputed for any reason.

2.) If for any reason we are unable to complete the Number Frequency Analysis the amount refunded shall not exceed the amount paid for the Number Frequency Analysis.

By proceeding with the purchase of Number Frequency Analysis you agree that you have read, understand and accept the sales terms in sections 1.) and 2.) above.

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