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All Possible 4/1-44 Lottery Number Combinations

Included with Your Order:

  • All Possible 4/44 Number Combinations
  • Total Combinations - 135,751
  • 50K-1M number combinations per data (.txt) file
  • View in any word processor or Excel
  • No risk of viruses or malware

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All Possible 4/44 Number Combinations File Details:

You are purchasing all possible number combinations for a 4/1-44 lottery game, where 4 numbers are selected from 44 total numbers ranging from 1 to 44.

*Bonus numbers (if applicable) are not included as most are selected their own separate drawing and have no relationship to the 5 selected in the first drawing.

With this lottery game there are 135,751 total number combinations appearing in 3 text files with 50K-1M number combinations per file (except the last file in the series which may contain less). All text files are contained in a single .zip (archive) file for a quick and easy download.

This download is approximately 706 KB.

Numbers Selected: 4
Number Range: 1-44
Total Number Combinations: 135,751
Number Of Files: 1/3
File Size: 706 KB

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