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Lottery Game Analysis

For Your Favorite Lottery Games

Every lottery player should know what wins
in their lottery game and what doesn't.

Do the numbers you play in the lottery seldom win?

If so, you might be playing numbers or number patterns that rarely appear in winning number combinations. To determine what wins and what doesn't in a lottery game, we use lottery game analysis.

Lottery game analysis is a multi-point analysis of past winning number combinations from a specific lottery game.

Using the results from the analysis as a reference and guide, we can now more easily determine the numbers and patterns that offer the best chance of winning and those that should be avoided.

How much do you know about your lottery game?
For example -

  • How often do consecutive numbers appear in winning number combinations?
  • How often do winning number combinations contain all odd or all even numbers?
  • Which numbers should you avoid playing as they have rarely or never been selected after 100 or more drawings?

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Analysis Features:

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